Failure of Windows App to sync

Twice now I have had this issues happen:
I’ve made text changes and color changes of items in iOS Dynalist app, then launched the Windows Dynalist App 10-15 minutes later and noticed that the Windows version did not show the changes made on the iOS version earlier.

Both the Window App and the iOS app showed “Synced”.

I tried shutting them both down, then restarting. The iOS continued to show the changes, but the Windows App did not. The only thing that would cause the sync would be to close the hierarchy of the parent item (+/- button) in the Windows Application. Then the sync would update with the changes.

If you open the web version, does it contain the synced copy? This would help us isolate the issue to whether it’s on the Windows app or the iOS app.

Currently the Web version is showing the correctly synced copy, but that may be irrelevent now that the problem cleared up since opening and closing the parent item.
I will attempt to check the web version the next time the issues occurs.

Got it, thanks for checking back!