Fail to embed website

I think this worked the first time I tried it (on both Chrome and Opera (mac). using the template and substituting web url. No love. What stupid mistake am I making?

Don’t think we can help without seeing the code.

Could you please put your code here on JS Fiddle?

Sorry interrupted mid post and did not include. Couldn’t figure how to use JS Fiddle so screenshot–nothing but the recommended embed code with my blog url plugged in.

Is this about the PowerPack or the vanilla Dynalist? Dynalist itself doesn’t support embedding websites. I thought you were talking about embedding a Dynalist document in other websites, sorry for the confusion.

Yep, PowerPack. I also can’t get the PP shortcut for embedding to work; add link and add bookmark shortcuts do work. Not a big deal, am getting this straight before I really have a burning need to embed a website, but aggravating I can’t figure out what to change to make it work like it should.

Stop the presses: just found a space before frameborder that did not belong. Removing it makes the embed work. Will keep tweaking with the keystrokes part of it, but for now, false alarm. Maybe.

Glad to know it’s resolved!

Next time it’s probably better to mention @Piotr, post under his topic, or at least mention you’re using PowerPack so we’re on the same page. Thanks!

I have no idea why you have so many problems with spaces, this is really weird, both theoretically - your iframe code is just copied as a whole and appended to website, and this code can have additional spaces in any place - and practically - on my machine it’s working with multiple spaces in any place.