Facilitate sharing with non users via mobile by exporting to PNG or PDF

There are many times I’m on mobile and need to share a document with someone who’s not a Dynalist user via Messenger, WhatsApp or something like that.
On the desktop I can export to PDF, but there are not many options for mobile. For my use case I think it would be better if it was possible to export to an image format, like PNG. I understand this could potentially hurt your discovery process by non users, but I wouldn’t care if this image contained a watermark like “made with Dynalist” and, to be honest, I think I have copied and pasted the text somewhere else many more times than actually sharing a Dynalist link with someone who’s not a user (the exception being my coworkers and closer friends, people who I wanted to discover and start using this tool).

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Hmm, I see. The concern with PNG is that many chat apps compress the image, making it hard to read. PDF sounds like a better file format for the readability.

What do you think?

I’m ok with this.
I also would like to export my files to pdf when I use the windows desktop app.
Is it actually possible ?

(sorry for my english !! I’m french…)

Yes it’s possible!

Hit Ctrl+P and you’ll see the print dialog. Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the print and there you go.

I’m working with Windows 7 so I don’t have “Microsoft Print to PDF”.
I use PDFCreator but I can’t generate a file with selectable text because Dynalist doesn’t send “real” text, but instead an image of text so PDFCreator can’t convert this back into “real” text.
Is it possible to change this ?

I don’t know, seems out of control. If you print to PDF on a browser like Chrome though, you can select the text. This might be controlled on a lower level, so we may not be able to anything. Sorry about that.