Exporting items without notes

Hi there!

Is there some way to export items without its notes? The notes are hidden; nevertheless, they are exported with the items. I’d like to export the items without the notes.


PS: Maybe the same request is made here: Respecting 'only visible items' on export

You found the right feature request!

Unfortunately it’s not in Dynalist yet. Sorry about that!

Thank you, Erica! No problem!
Is there any plans to implement this feature?

Thinking about it, what you described should probably be achieved by this option:

I’ve tried to export having that option checked, but unfortunately it didn’t work; the notes are exported anyway.

Sorry I meant we should make it so, it’s not working this way right now. Sorry about the misunderstanding!

No problem, Erica! Thank’s for your reply!

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Hi Erica!

Is there any plan to get “Export visible items only” working? It would be really nice to be able to export items without the content of its notes.


Let’s open a bug report and track it there, shall we?

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Thank you very much, Erica!
I thought there were a bug report already; sorry for any inconvenience.

No worries! :slight_smile: