Export Clean up Facility

I share information with many people on many systems. Most of the people I work with do not want to signup for another system. They’re happy with their tools.

Here’s the problem currently with export. Tags and dates make no sense to those recieving the document. !(2019-04-04) #urgent @fred, etc causes sufficient confusion, that people have requested to have the document in a clearer format.

Can the export to be configured to allow the replacement of dates to be converted to a locally recognised format, ie here in the uk 04/04/2019 on export? Also can tag symbols be supressed/removed?

This would produce a cleaner document for sharing. Currently I’m having to export the text and do a lot of cleanup. I would prefer the export to handle the cleanup as everytime I edit something I have to clean the export up again. The friction this creates increases the more I use Dynalist and it’s causing me to not use Dynlaist if I have to share the document.


Agreed. Sharing in sometimes a pain. I rather like the idea of public and privat tags. Since som sort of tagging could be nice to have.

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