Explicit Exit menu option

It would be useful to have an explicit “Exit” option on the menu for the desktop versions.

Of course, the X on the title bar will also exit the app. Why then this request? On some platforms, the X button may not actually be an exit of the app itself.

For example, due to the enmense utility of Dynalist, I feel the need to have it running on all of my devices. One of those devices is a Chromebook (Pixelbook). In order to be able to use Dynalist when I am not connected to the Internet, I have two options.

I could run it as an Android app, but the Android app doesn’t work particularly well on Chromebooks and doesn’t work well with the laptop form factor. Not the best option.

On the other hand, if I run it as a Linux desktop app, it runs like a dream. It performs exactly as I would hope, with the one exception that (because of the peculiarities of how I have to run it), the X doesn’t actually exit the app.

A simple exit on the menu would be useful. I know, an edge case to be sure, but I’m just putting it out there.

By menu do you mean our main menu (menu icon at the top right corner)? Or the system menu? Exit is an option in the “File” menu, at least on the windows app.

Sorry, I just realized that this was there if you use ALT. Stupid.

Yeah, it’s a little hidden, but should satisfy what you described :slight_smile: