Experimental : BulletJournal meets Dynalist


Try a new System #BulletJournal with DynalistHQ it’s one List for all my Context Work.
Hope i get more stuff done and get an better grip on Review my Projects / Tasks on daily base.

Hacked custom CSS + Material Design Icons


@DimitryJacobs I am curious if you stuck with this system and if so, how is it going. I am doing something simliar, but much more casual than this system.


Hi Chris,

It’s to much fiddling, this month i hope i found simple clutter free system, maybe cross-over BuJO meets GTD. I’am looking forward to your experience or journey to find the right system.

Also not confident to stay and use Dynalist because on Mobile the UX is not good for me you can use bookmarks but the react different than working in an document view, looks like the borders are gone and is not very handy to navigate, it’s like driving your car when your car is drunk. @Erica this is almost 2 years (that mention this issue) and it’s still going on.
Really love to use Dynalist but for me is an solid UX on Mobile very important at my Work or when i travel from office to Home.

Maybe back to Workflowy it’s not powerful but the UX and on Mobile it’s working good.

Hopefully i have sorted this out before the start of 2019.


We’ll improve the mobile UX soon! :muscle:


@Erica Could you more specific does that means that my BUG with Search View on specific tag or color (with no borders and alignment) would be solved with this improvement of the mobile UX ?


Sorry, I don’t remember seeing this bug report. Is there a link to it somewhere on the forum?


It was posted in 2017, i will look for my recording which show what I meant that navigation feels lik driving an car when you are drunk


Will send you an screenrecording what is the best way to deliver to this forum as bug or send it by email ?


I send this morning my email with screen recording


Yep, received. Thanks a lot for the screenshot! :heart:


Hi Erica,

Looking forward that you can solve the issue !!
:blue_heart: the new Pro feature of Recurring Node BTW



Fixing it right now :slight_smile:




Fixed! It should be out in the next one or two iOS released. Cheers and happy New Year!


Can’t wait to go back to test it on iOS, hopefully Apple will review it Quick so i can give it an testdrive, plus setting up my new year BuJo structure in Dynalist for 2019.

Happy New Year and may all your personal and Dynalist Whishes may come true


Thank you for the wishes! Apple wasn’t accepting app reviews from Dec 24 to 27, so we had to wait until today. It will come soon!


Thanx for the information


Still not fixed, when is the next iOS update to fix my issues ?


Sorry Erica, i know you do your best but i’am glad not paid for renewal of my pro subscription :frowning: because still after 2 iOS update this month my issues are still not solved (waiting for this fix for more than 1 year).

On Web and macOS it works fine but on iOS it’s an disaster with navigate and for me not usable, that is my opnion

I’am already using NotePlan for my BuJo Workflow and it works fineon iOS and macOS.
I’am deleted Dynalist from my iPad and iPhone and macOS for good.

Wish you all the best with your product / service

Kind Regards,


This escalated quickly.