Expand to depth


The expand/collapse functionality is very simple and convenient, and I like that. But it would be super useful to be able to expand/collapse a node to a given depth. Sometimes I take notes down many depth levels, and I would like to get an overview of only top headings, for example.

  • Most likely activated through a keyboard shortcut (command + number, for example)


I would like this too. I often want to show three levels of a document and it’s a pain to expand items one by one.


I like the idea, although Cmd+number is probably not gonna work, as almost certainly something important is using a common shortcut like this. Just a minor detail though.


Yeah, command + number is the standard chrome shortcut for “go to tab n”. But maybe command+ . + number, which is in the same spirit as the current expand/collapse shortcuts.


We might be able to accomplish this with just two shortcuts: one for “Expand everything by one level”, and one for “Contract everything by one level”. So if I want to see the whole doc at level three, I could put the cursor on the root, use Ctrl-Shift-. to close everything, and then type the “Expand” shortcut twice.


I would like to see this too!


Could you please like OP?

(Somewhere else in this forum Erica said that likely 10 likes could make a feature request to roadmap / Trello.)


My 2cents would be to just do it the way Microsoft Word’s outline mode behaves. Have a row of numbers (either always shown at the top - preferred - or else buried in the ‘view’ menu) that chooses the ‘depth’ that is shown for the open document. Click on the ‘1’ and you only see things at the top level. ‘2’ would reveal one level of children and show everything else as collapsed. Etc. Would ideally have at least up to 4 or 5 and then of course you’d need an ‘All’ button to uncollapse everything.


@Erica any news on this? I appreciate that the number approach might be hard but a ‘progressive open’ could be a simpler approach. I want to open my ‘work’ parent, see each of my active projects then open THEM up to see their top levels issues. I then review, tag, and get to work :wink:

Right now I have open/close each one manually (and I have a lot of active projects…)


Yeah, I still find Word’s outline mode useful for exactly this feature. I honestly think most people don’t realize how much they’d truly love this feature if it showed up in Dynalist!