Feature request - Expand/collapse level by level


Feature requested based on this post: Expand/collapse level by level

I used this feature a lot in Workflowy, enough so I’m even considering going back to Workflowy just for this. Okay…maybe just for a minute I thought about it, but not really :slight_smile:

I tend to reorganize, move, prune my content a lot as I’m building up a tree structure representing my notes and findings on a topic I’m researching. The ability to quickly expand and collapse levels really speeds this kind of reorganizing by allowing me to focus on intermediate levels of a list.

I find having to click many, many nodes to partially expand/collapse a tree very time consuming and distracting.

While drilling down into a list is useful to block out content not needed at the moment, not drilling all the way to the bottom of a list is also useful when you want to focus on an intermediate level of topics.

In any case, this is something I would use every few minutes if it were available.

Expand/collapse level by level

Agree, would love to have this feature :slight_smile:


I think I might have suggested something like this (based on Workflowy or CheckVist habits) some while back but certainly support this notion. That there are not more votes I think suggest there are many who have never seen the facility of such a workflow in an outliner. I hope it is just a matter of time before this idea takes off and is implemented.


I’m not sure if this is the feature I’m looking for but it’s related.

Everytime I open Dynalist, it remembers the state of my expanded children nodes. While that’s a good feature, it’s information overload for me when I want to just see the parent notes. Right now, this requires several clicks to do. I basically just want to collapse children and show first level parents in the active node.

I’d love for this to be easy. I was a long-time comapping user before coming here. In terms of flow, those guys really nailed it. Dynalist has so much promise and it really needs this feature.


Would absolutely love this feature.


Any updates on this? Seems like a very easy fix… ie. “always collapse children” or “do not remember state”


I want to request this.

Expand All isn’t optimal. I want to hit a hotkey to iterate thru Expanding levels 2,3 4,5 etc.

Perhaps a variable tracks your deepest open level, and other variable for your shallowest collapsed level, and the Expand Deeper and Collapse Shallower hotkeys begin at those points to roll things up or roll them out, across the document.

Alternatively, taking advantage of the fast that I probably just want to explore a few levels of headings, hotkeys for just rolling out levels 2 or 3 would be sufficient.

It’d be a nice feature because Expand All explodes way too deep making the outline I’m looking to skim stretch out so much I have to manually roll up all the deep stuff every time with my mouse to get to the level view I need to skim.