Expand all overrides current filter

I’ve seen a similar post from '17, but the response given there doesn’t really answer the question.
I have nested checklist, some parent entries have tags. I want to filter the tree, so that only entries with a tag will be visible (and their descendants). Filtering by tag does exactly that, but with all matched entries collapsed. If I collapse / expand an entry, the filter for that entry is reset. So if I want to see all filtered nodes with their child nodes, I have to manually expand every one.

Here I do not want #fields to be visible:

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Hi Ivan. It sounds like the parent or ancestor search terms might be what you’re looking for:

  • parent:#relations would show every child of items tagged #relations
  • ancestor:#relations would show every child, grandchild, etc. under items tagged #relations.

Perfect, that does it. I’ll re-read the documentation :smiley: