Expand All/ Collapse All Option

One thing that i really need that i find it as an advantage to workflowy is the option to expand all/collapse all. Please consider to add it cz it’s crucial when it comes to long lists. Thanks

They already have this feature.

Hi @Lily_Fakhoury, you can do this now in Dynalist. Position the cursor on a node and then type Ctrl-Shift-. (period). This will recursively close all children of that node, or open them if it’s already closed.

What would be useful though, is the ability to gradually expand (or collapse) a hierarchy one level at a time every time I press a hotkey. (I seem to recall workflowy had this but it has been a while since I last used it).

I often want to open a hierarchy to say level 3 to get an overview down to that specific level.

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Agreed! If you haven’t already, please consider liking/commenting on the feature request below: