Exclude Tags Beginning with Numbers

I am just coming over from WorkFlowy and I notice that i have a lot of new tags in the tag browser beginning with numbers i.e. #1, #2, #8xyz.

Is there a way that i can elect to exclude these from my tag list. Or, as a last resort, a way to easily edit these “tags” so they will not be picked up anymore. For my use case, they are never relevant and i have many more of these than the tags i have purposely created.

Hi Craig,

Unfortunately there’s no way to filter out these special tags, although I do agree we should not display them in tag pane nor underline them.

#8xyz should be a valid tag though, in my opinion. Twitter accepts this kind of hashtags as well: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/replies-not-showing-up-and-hashtag-problems (see last paragraph on this page)

is the “we should not display them in tag pane nor underline them” idea something that we could expect to be implemented? - your twitter suggestion sounds totally reasonable

Thanks for implementing this. One additional comment in regards to the link that you sent above. The third from bottom paragraph reads

Is there a symbol or punctuation in or after the hashtag?
If you write #it’sfun, your message will be categorized under #it. Punctuation marks ( , . ; ’ ? ! etc.) will end your hashtag wherever punctuation occurs.

I still have a lot of “#x.y” and “#x)” showing up in my tag list. These most come from book titles in series.

Was this missed in implementation, or just the behavior that you settled on?

Thanks for noticing that in the weekly update!

To answer your question, for now we’re just fixing the purely numeric tags.

The punctuation is something we should fix in the future though, it was mentioned in several posts like this one:

Hi Erica, dropping a note to let you know that the number tags are still visible in the iOS app.

Hi @Craig, sorry for the super late reply. Have you checked the discussions over here?