Exclude completed item tags from tag pane


I’m loving the new tag pane, and the ability to sort the tags!!!

However the tags on completed items still show up in the tag pane, which muddies the value since the list is polluted with tags that aren’t entirely relevant. Not completely irrelevant either.

So it would be nice to have a toggle to exclude completed item’s tags, at the top of the tag pane where it’s quickly accessible. I use my tags for projects (hash-tags) and people (at-tags) so if there’s no tags in the tag pane then it would mean I have nothing to do right now for that project or person!!!


Tags for checked items

Maybe a bookmarked search will get you close to what you want:
The query is:checklist -is:completed will show you all unchecked items.

If you run this query from within your project root item and click on the star next to the search box, the bookmark created will even remember the item you ran this query from and take you there automatically.

If your projects are all nested under a common root item, you can even run the query from there to get an overview over all projects.


I have recently started using Dynalist to help organise my brain (and it’s working! :man_cartwheeling:). One thing which helps is using GTD-ish context tags for actions.

While Lukas’ suggestion is helpful, I think the feature request is still valid because bookmarked searches

  • don’t show number of results, which is a very useful feature in the tag panel, particularly when tags are used in this way
  • don’t provide such easy access to all and document level tags. If you use documents and tags, this adds workflow friction
  • there’s also some cognitive friction from the required action (open Bookmark pane and select a bookmark) being disconnected from the item of interest (the tag and its instances), given that there’s a more intuitive required action available (the Tag pane).

Currently, apart from bookmarked searches and their caveats, I think the only ‘workarounds’ are to manually add -is:completed each time we select a tag in the tag panel, or to manually delete the tag(s) when completing an action. But the annoyance of this positively correlates with one’s productivity :frowning:


I agree with the feedback above, I use dynalist as a power to do list and it’s difficult to see the current status of some tags when they include completed items.


@Erica given that one needs to include: is:completed to return completed search results, yet TAG searches show all complete or incomplete results - isn’t this a bug?

In the interim, how do we create a bookmark to search ONLY for not:completed?


+1 for this. The ability to use the tag pane as an active project list is the main reason I went pro. Being able to see only active tasks is what will keep me here :slight_smile:


Yes! Really want this function. Tag pane is really not very helpful to me without this. I use a lot a tags (one for each project, and I open and close several projects a week, so the list gets pretty long quickly) and the only way the tag pane helps me with navigation is to hide tags that are associated with only completed items.