Enter at the beginning of an item

Steps to reproduce

Create a list of the following structure:

  • 1
  • 2
  • A
    • a
    • b
  • B

Switch to some other document and back. Place cursor in front of A and press Enter.

Expected result

A new subitem of 2 appears above A.

Actual result

A new child of A appears.


Firefox on Fedora Linux. This does not happen in Chrome.

Additional information

I get the expected result if I try this the second time on the same item. But every time I switch to another document and back this behavior starts up again.

Also pressing Enter with cursor at the start of a works as expected but with b it produces b's sibling below.

I con confirm the bug on Firefox/Win 10. Looks like one of those weird Firefox selection bugs (when you place your cursor at the front Firefox thinks you’re placing at the end). Will look into it when we have time!