Email notifications from this forum

I have looked around and there are many options. Also about notifications and tracking (esp. on the site itself).
However, I can’t see a way to do the typical “subscribe to email notification of all new posts in a thread once I commented in it” that is typical in most forums. Not even a manual “subscribe to all posts”. It seems to only be possible whenever someone replies, quotes, or mentions me directly.
Did I miss something here?

When creating the forum we intentionally blocked all emails since I felt like the emails from other forums are too spammy…

We’ll see if there’s a way to opt in for these notifications. Thanks for pointing this out!

There are many cases where one would like to be kept updated on any posts of a thread - not only replies or references to oneself.
Neatest if the typical default setting (subscribe when having commented) can be done. But in lack of that, a simple manual “subscribe to thread” button would also be of value.