Effect of Ctrl+= and Ctrl+@ (on a French azerty keyboard at least)

Hello Dynalist,
I happened to hit Ctrl+= under the Windows application, on a (French) azerty keyboard.
And it increased all font sizes.
When I tried to hit Ctrl+= again, in the hope of a toggle or cycle of the sizes, it kept increasing…
Luckily I discovered rapidly that Ctrl+@ would set the sizes back to their original dimensions.
However, those two features do not seem to be listed or described in the Help, or did I miss it ?

I think it’s a browser thing, you should be able to see the same behavior in your web browsers.

The Windows app is a wrapper around a browser core in order for us to reuse as much code as possible, so that our small team can maintain support for 6 different platforms. As a result, what works on a browser also work in the desktop app, unless we decide to disable it because it becomes too troublesome.

In the case of increasing/decreasing font size, some people actually find it useful, so we never disabled it.

I hope that’s helpful!

Hello Erika,
Thank you for your answer.
Although it does not exactly match the keys of my keyboard it must be it: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/96810?hl=en
Making everything bigger or smaller is useful indeed.
Perhaps some warnings or even links to the browers’ help pages would help too.
Thanks for all the great work,

Yes, it also provides more granularity than Dynalist’s own large/medium/small font size settings.

That’s a good idea, thanks for the suggestion!

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