Dynalist Tip-Jar/Patreon?

I love Dynalist, but the Free tier offers just about everything I need. I love that it HAS a free tier that is so generous. That earns an huge amount of goodwill from me.

And guilt.

While I can’t justify the expense of going pro, I recognize the uniqueness of the what is offered here. I don’t like the nagging suspicion that it might eventually go under because of freeloaders like me who simply don’t need more than the basic offerings.

So, how about something like a Digital Tip Jar or Patreon page? (Unless there is one already that I haven’t been able to find.)


Awww, thank you so much Dave.

We’re doing okay financially right now, so don’t worry about us going under. Even if that day does approach (say if another financial crisis happens and half our Pro users unsubscribe), we might ask for help in advance.

I recognize paying for a month and stop right away is not the same as Patron, as you don’t really get credit for it, which is sad. That is an option though – you can turn off the auto-renewal 10 seconds after you upgrade, no question asked. That could be like a tip-jar.

Many people have asked about this, and the biggest reason we don’t do it is because we have a Pro plan, it’s weird to have a tip-jar/patron page. I can 100% understand YouTubers and bloggers might have those, because they don’t have a product to sell, it just doesn’t feel right for us.

I hope that’s understandable!

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