Dynalist Tabs

I was reading a PDF on making a great blog post and was thinking that things usually start from a set of basic ideas to an outline and then some paragraphs or so. In other words, crafting a post or what have you is a multi-step process.

This could go a couple of ways, but essentially there would be tabs at the top of a document to where someone could switch across documents easily.

  1. The tabs consist of folder contents
  2. It’s one document with multiple pages, spread across separate tabs
  3. It’s like a custom folder that links different documents, not matters where they are.

Potential issues:

  • it’s pretty redundant and you might not be able to use many keyboard shortcuts as the browser would be using them
  • preserving the scroll position for each tab might be necessary

Why not just use multiple browser tabs?

That’s a good question. I think that I’ll delete/archive this thread and add this as a suggestion for multiwindow mode, with the ability to open the same document in different tabs, with the scroll positions saved.

It provides more screen real estate for tabs to other sites.

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This is something I definitely do and do a lot.

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