Dynalist is spreading - Youtube :)

Erica, dynalist co-founder?:slight_smile:
I want that T-shirt ! but with blue background instead of white!


They only made it in black and white, unfortunately! :frowning:

So this is actually a video from a pitch competition that we participated, it’s not an ad :slight_smile:


Yes I though so that it is some presentation in Your University.

BTW. I’m very curious how many users use dynalist on daily-basis or regulary
or how many accounts is created till now.
Are the active users constantly grow every month?

And last question but probably noone would like to answer on public forum:
From You total users, what % are migrated users from workflowy?:slight_smile:

Yes we’re growth at a good rate! :slight_smile: I’m sorry but I can’t talk about the specific numbers here.

Well, I think a good percentage, but we never know, as some of them won’t import from WorkFlowy (or don’t know about it). We do position ourselves as a close alternative to WorkFlowy (and people online do this too) so it’s no wonder WorkFlowy users sometimes migrate to Dynalist. I hope that answers your question!

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You answer on my questions Cool!

I don’t need specific numbers thanks for the update!

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