Dynalist iOS app

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Seems like mobile experience is a common problem for web-based productivity tools…

If you guys have any comment on what we should get right and what mistake we should avoid, we’re happy to hear about them!

I’ll put some common feedback that we’ve heard below:

  • View only mode, so that accidentally tapping somewhere doesn’t bring up the keyboard (you can still zoom in and collapse/expand)
  • Drag and drop to move items
  • Make sure it’s not eating battery when not used
  • Most actions you can do on desktop, e.g. rename file, reorder file, bookmark search, etc.
  • Search everywhere, normally triggered by Ctrl+Enter when searching

2017/2/8 update: now you can rename files and Search Everywhere.

I would love the ability to complete/delete items on the iOS app without having to tap on the text to edit and bring up a conext menu.

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That would be convenient!

Does tapping on the checkbox count? Or do you want to complete non-checkbox items without tapping on the text as well?

And also, do you mean we should get rid of the “tapping on text” part or “bringing up menu” part? I’m afraid zoom and collapse/expand (plus checking an item if it has a checkbox) are the only actions you can do with one tap. We could try to incorporate gestures like swiping to the left/right, but a menu is probably needed as well.


I understand your decision to go Hybrid, and usually I would agree about the 80%-20% rule, but in this case I don’t simply because I don’t think it will be good enough to make me switch from Workflowy. I think it will be hard to achieve native-like features in a WebView. You really should take a look at React Native - I bet you can use a lot of javascript logic you used on the webapp version in it, and it will be much more performant than a hybrid app.

In any case, Controls should be your main focus. This is currently the biggest issue on mobile, how to make it easy to navigate and manipulate lists.

Thanks for the input!

We’re going to use Cordova, and it also offers interface to do things natively in JavaScript. React Native is great too, but we wrote our own frontend view framework so we’d rather not use another to make things more complicated.

We might end up building a native component for controls if that’s necessary.

By the way, have you tried Dynalist on your phone (in the browser)? At least you can delete things without backspacing all the way.

Thanks again :smiley: !

I would like to delete and organize documents and folders on mobile Safari or iOS app.

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You got it :thumbsup: !

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I was thinking of non-checkbox items. The menu in my opinion is fine. Having to tap on the text to bring it up is the annoying part. Swiping gestures might be good, but I don’t know how they would work in practice with the outliner format. :slight_smile:


Got it… I feel you. The keyboard is annoying when you don’t even need it. We’ll figure out a way to activate the menu without having to bring up the keyboard.

Thanks for the reply!


I can second this. The most important “feature” for me is: The sync needs to be bulletproof. There should be no loss of data etc. if the device loses connection during a sync, syncs changes after changes have been made somewhere else etc.



To me, drag and drop is huge. Workflowy has it, and it’s great. To move things around in Dynalist, you have to select a line, and that pops open the keyboard. The keyboard is both unnecessary for this and also takes up half the screen! So now you can’t see where you want to move it to anymore! Argh!


Maybe not for V1.0, but 1.0.1 :innocent:

  1. 3D-Touch with quick access to certain documents and/or bookmarks
  2. Send to app with the iOS framework to send “things” into an inbox
  3. A widget for a certain document and/or bookmark

iOS App 最早和最晚上线时间,大概是什么时候啊?

I’m sorry, I didn’t fully understand your question. Maybe @Shida or @Erica can.

“iOS App the earliest and latest on-line time, probably when ah”

Are you referring to login times?

@JP1 thanks for letting us know! He meant to ask about the release date of iOS app.

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最早新年左右吧,最迟不知道,什么都有可能发生。这是说 App Store 正式版上线,如果你想参加 closed beta 的话可能会更早些。

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好的。 Thanks for JP1 and Erica!

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A crucial feature that’s missing in iOS WF is cut and paste &/or move for any item.
You can drag and drop, but this isn’t practical on a small screen if you want to take something somewhere else. There’s also no way to select multiple items, like in desktop (altho I don’t know if this is viable on mobile!).

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