Dynalist doesn't sync new item create with 3rd party apps

Steps to reproduce

With 3rd party app or script (Quick Dynalist on Android or AutoHotKey script on Windows 10), create a new item with date

Expected result

Item has to be synced with Google Calendar

Actual result

Item isn’t sync in Google Calendar, except if I turn off GC sync and then I turn on


Doesn’t work with :
Quick Dynalist on Android
AutoHotKey on Windows 10 (this script : https://talk.dynalist.io/t/quick-add-to-dynalist-inbox-using-autohotkey/)

Works well witht :
Native app on Windows 10 (same computer)
Webapp on W10 and Android

Haven’t try with native app on Android

No news about this issue ?

Referencing what’s written here: Email to Inbox - Calendar appointment markup does not work - #2 by Shida

Acknowledged, right now the problem is that Dynalist’s app is actually responsible for initiating the Calendar sync. That means any new items received from email to Dynalist, or using the API, does not get synced to Google Calendar unfortunately.

I agree it’s a problem, but fixing it would need a pretty big change to the way things work.
I’ll track this issue internally, but I believe it’s unlikely we can fix it soon. Sorry about that.

I haven’t seen this post. I hope you’ll fix it a day.

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