Dynalist Desktop as a Windows File Explorer replacement?

Just a thought.

Windows File Explorer (WFE) is what we use everyday if you are an Windows user.
I think Dynalist Desktop can totally replace WFE and we can organize the whole computer with “Dynalist Note” instead of “Windows Folder”. Each DN can have both files and links and texts while WF can only hold files. You can let users switch between DN view and WF view if desired. In other words, what if you can whole computer storage into Dynalist Desktop work space?

Part of the notes will be uploaded to Dynalist Server and access through browser.

What do you think?

I don’t get the purpose, or just because an outliner like Dynalist can do this?

I mean you can manually insert links to organize everything on your computer. I just don’t think this is the direction Dynalist is going.

Plus with an outliner you miss out all the goodies:

Personally I’d still want to preview things, have different views, and right click the file to access the useful options in there. Unfortunately, I don’t think it makes sense for Dynalist to implement those features.

If you want a more tree/outliner-like view for your files, I recommend checking out WinDirStat and similar software. Those are the software made for this purpose.