Dynalist Companion Clipper

Thanks for the new Chrome Extension! Works well and particularly useful when given a keyboard shortcut via the Chrome Extensions menu.

btw enjoy your holiday :sunglasses:


Yes, it’s a nice little surprise. I presume there will be other features added, like including the URL and Page title with the selected text.

Currently I use the Copy URL Chrome extension for this, with this code:
<opml><body><outline text="[${title}](${URL})" _note="${text}" /></body></opml>

But it would be great to have it bundled in this clipper.

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It does this. Click on the paperclip favicon in the menu bar or use an allocated keyboard shortcut.

Ah, ok sorry. Just realised you probably meant with selected text. That’s true.

Yes, I presume that’s coming.

Could you possibly link to the chrome extention you using? Thank you.

Sure, it’s https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/copy-url%20/capojgaalppngkaagaobmigigcgnidmn?hl=en

Nice tip!

We plan to make item title and note have customizable format, so it suits everyone’s needs. For example, you’ll be able to specify %selected_text% (from %page_title%).


Great news, Erica. In terms of workflow, it would also be better to make it keyboard-centric, so that hitting a return key, for instance, will close the dialogue and send the link. At the moment, having to locate and click the send button does tend to disrupt the flow.

That’s added already! Will be released in the next update.

We’re going to use Ctrl/Cmd+Enter for now, anticipating that there might be need to enter actual newlines in the future. Ctrl+Enter should be a fairly standard shortcut for submitting something these days.

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Great work! Sadly I’ve moved to Firefox for improved privacy so won’t benefit (yet)! Will there be versions for other browsers?

Yes, most likely. Covering both Chrome and Firefox is our goal.

Is this the Rawbytz extension that has been around for a while, or is there now an official chrome extension? (I couldn’t find anything searching the chrome store…)

Official one. See blog.

Thanks. Here is a direct link so others don’t have to dig for it.

It’s still in beta, so it’s only accessible by direct link right now.

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This is very useful, thanks for this!

Is there a way yet to make it clip to the TOP of the inbox instead of the BOTTOM?

Just started using it and it works great! Thanks for the great new feature. :slight_smile:

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That’s a setting you can change yourself in Settings - Preferences - Inbox - Move to location :slight_smile: