Dynalist Companion Clipper


Awesome, thank you!


When is this coming to Firefox? With their new WebExtension format they’re pretty much identical to Chrome Extensions.


Soon, thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks for this simple and useful tool. One thing though. I find the default options to be less than optimal. I’m using a setup that only uses “note” for the selected text and makes the Title linkable.


BTW: I did this because I couldn’t get linkable text in the note to work.


What do you mean? It’s the same format ([%title%](%url%)).


Let me put it another way. Linkable text in a note doesn’t work for me, so I changed the formats to something that turns out to make more sense to me anyway.

Obviously, I know how to do linkable text, but thanks for trying to explain it to me regardless.


Ah, got it, so it’s working but you felt like it doesn’t suit your habits/needs?


No. It doesn’t work.

Back to the original: “I did this because I couldn’t get linkable text in the note to work.”

I used “for me” in my reworded statement just in case my particular set up doesn’t work. Though I doubt that. I believe it doesn’t work for anyone. Have you tried it?


Seems to be working for me:



Oh, are you using with or without selection?


This is what I get with that setup:



OK. Got it. The problem is that I had notes hidden. The only time I see them is when cursor is on the line. So, of course, the link syntax is visible then just like in a normal list item. I changed notes to “show” and the link is back. Thanks for talking me through it.


I see, thanks for the explanation.

Hiding notes would make this part unusable for you, unfortunately. Please use whichever format that works you then! :slight_smile: :100: