Dynalist app: Setting for hide "zoom" and "move up/down" in toolbar

The tool bar in Dynalist app (Android) has too many features, being some of them also actionable by touching the screen, as it is the case of item “zoom” and “move up/down”.

As showed in the snapshot below, I suggest that app settings provide an option to hide these buttons, in order the toolbar can become more clear for users that use the screen touch to “zoom” item and “move up/down”.

If the hide setting isn’t possible, I suggest that at least the “zoom” button be removed from toolbar, since it can be easily actionable by clicking item bullet. This way the toolbar would become less cluttered.

Thanks for considering it!

Some arguments for why they are there for your consideration:

Zoom: It’s not that obvious that tapping on the bullet point will zoom, so the magnifying glass icon is a fallback option.

Move up/down: it’s much faster than dragging and dropping, since you don’t need to tap, hold, and wait.

I think for people who like to optimize their workflow like yourself, ordering them in a certain way is unlikely the way to go, as people have different ideas of which ones should be at the front.

Maybe a customizable toolbar?