Duplicating a node

One thing I find myself missing a lot from Workflowy is the duplicate option in the node menu. Just me or would others find this useful?


You can copy an Node and childs and Paste them on place or document X…
It’s 2 actions instead 1 for duplicate



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Hi Dimitry,

Thanks for the suggestion but, as you say, it’s two actions instead of one. Also, if you’re in “mouse mode” it would be nice to have the menu option. I guess that’s why it’s in Workflowy. I do appreciate that the node menu is looking a bit busy however.

Hi @pottster,

It’s not in the node menu, but there is a keyboard shortcut for duplicating a node. I don’t think it’s set by default.

You can set it via Settings -> Keymap -> Working with Lists -> Duplicate Current Item.

I have it set to Ctrl-Shift-D. I use it often.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Craig,

Yes it certainly helps - thanks. Would still like the menu option for use with mouse though.

One of the few times mouse is preferred over keyboard, interesting! :slight_smile:

There’s another way, if you don’t need to duplicate it right under the original item – by dragging while holding Ctrl/Cmd.

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Unfortunately, right under the original item is usually where I want it in the short term. However, another useful suggestion. Thanks.