Duplicate list to another place or document

Hi, a nice feature would be the possibility not only to move but to duplicate a list (or some selected elements) to another place or document.
It would be very useful when you have to work with multiple quasi-similar versions of the same list (like instructions given to different groups of students)
Of course it would be nice to keep the rich format of items (colors, italic, etc.) (Copy/Paste doesn’t keep format actually)

I do this a lot. I created a shortcut for Duplicate (I used Ctrl-Shift-D). So when I want to create a duplicate of an item and put it somewhere else in the outline, I do this:

  • Ctrl-Shift-D to duplicate the item
  • Ctrl-Shift-M to move the item to its new home.

Works great for me. I hope this is helpful to you!


Thank you, it works! I didn’t know there was a shortcut possibility to duplicate an item (there was no key combination allocated for Duplicate, so i’ve choose Ctrl-Add(+) )

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Great to know! The customizable shortcut for duplicate is indeed pretty new (only been there for a few weeks).

Mind if I mark this as resolved? :slight_smile:

Yes, it can be marked as resolved, thank you!

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