Document as widget for smartphones

I think that it would be great to be able to have a widget for smartphones. Having a quick access the a document and quickly take note (of an idea for example) would be nice :+1:t2:

This is one of the many great features of Quick Dynalist - Apps on Google Play

Not available for my device according to the Play Store because “I was made for an older version of Android” :confused:

Oh. I wonder how I installed it on my Samsung S23 ultra tho… weird. Maybe I have a setting allowing it, or they grandfathered in any apps I had already…

Well it’s still possible to sideload android 12 apps onto android 13. You can google it but the gist of it is that you need to google the .apk file, download to your computer, then use adb install blah.apk with your phone plugged in usb debugging mode.

It’s annoying, I know. It’s because Android 13 added security features so they don’t want novices to add anything old on their phones.

That or wait for @Louis_Kirsch to get around to building it in the new android studio and uploading an update. But sideload isn’t that that hard.

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@Killian_VAUBOURG @BigChungus I just updated the app and there might still be bugs introduced from the new Android target – any help testing it would be great!

Thank you, but… :confused:

I’m using a Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Seems like a bug with the Play Store. I guess I just roll out to production with a 1% rollout.

The way it was solved is to release this version with API 31 or higher to production. This is because the store has a bug in it, and if you currently have an old APK in production with an API of 29, for example, this will generate an incompatibility with the others APKs that are in the test segments. That is, when launching to production, the new APK deactivates the old version that creates a conflict, and there will no longer be a problem when downloading on the new devices.

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