Docking to one side

Hi everyone.
Several years ago, I was using my favorite chat program (ICQ) and discovered (casual discovery) that dragging the program’s window to one of the side of screen, It dock and hide automatically…
I’m not longer use ICQ and never saw that feature again…
It would be awesome if Dynalist get this… is there a little possibility to get this done?

(By the way, this is MS Windows)

That sort of thing tends to be implemented these days for all your windows. The apps call themselves things like “snap windows” or “virtual desktops” and such. There are all sorts of paradigms you can enable. I use “BetterSnapTool” for mac, personally. Sorry, I don’t know what’s good on Windows, tho they might have similar features built in lately.

I just don’t wanna have an app for every single feature I want… It’s a “nice to have”.
Windows 10 have a feature to snap the windows’s app to 4 pre-defined positions over the desktop, but personally, don’t like it… I just want my information/list/mem just putting the mouse over the edge… nothing less, nothing more…

Thanks for your comments,