Doc navigation (not zooming) via headings or bookmarks

I’m not a fan of zooming (in Dynalist or Workflowy). I find it disorienting to visually lose my place in the document as I frequently jump around in the doc. I prefer to keep the full doc displayed with sections collapsed or not, and to navigate through the doc via outline levels in a separate pane.

This can be accomplished two ways.

  1. Bookmarks. There could be a setting for bookmark action that determines whether they navigate or zoom in the doc. I’d be fine if this was global. But it also could be a setting for each bookmark.

  2. Headings. Another solution, and one frankly I prefer, is automatic heading display generation in the pane where bookmarks are currently displayed. Click a heading and the cursor goes there. This is how LibreOffice Writer or MS Word work. That enables the next step in a navigation panel - using it to organize the doc (primarily move, but also copy, delete, etc.), as opposed to to doing that in the document itself.

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I like the idea of a sidebar pane that displays non-leaf nodes from the tree. If it could be independently scrolled and collapsed, then you have an outline pane for keeping your place and navigating around. Perhaps clicking on a node in the outline pane moves you to that node in the main pane, and (say) shift-clicking zooms the main pane to that node. That would be really useful!

Thanks for suggesting it. I hope the Dynalist folks like the idea too. :slight_smile:


Great idea. This is a renowned MS Word style of navigation across the document.
I think it can be very convenient for people who writes documents or books directly in Dynalist.