Do hyperlinks work in notes?

How do I get hyperlinks to work inside of the notes?

The same way they work in items… [link title](link url).

Does that work for you?

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No, it doesn’t in notes. It does in the items.

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Aha…if I view them with alt-N, then I see the links. I guess I’ll have to change some of my Workflowy habits!

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Links in notes using the formatting [link title](link url) also does not work for me either - I’m using Chrome on Mac

I noticed the same issue. What I realized is that the hyperlinks were there, until I click into the note space, then they go away. This seems like a bug as the hyperlinks should hold true after clicking into the note area.

FWIW, I usually configure things to show the first line of notes, and if there is a hyperlink that is where I put it.

When I take this approach, the hyperlinks work without fail.

When I do not make the notes visible, then the hyperlinks do not work.

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Hi @Mark_Gammon: I got your feedback on this as well, sorry for not replying earlier.

This is not a bug in the current system – when you focus somewhere, everything will appear as plain text so you can click anywhere to move your cursor. If the link still holds, you cannot edit part of it unless you use the arrow keys or other methods. Point and click won’t work. This is also true for images links and dates.

What about what @yyyguy is doing? Putting the URL on the first line and you can both click it and edit it.

Well, technically it doesn’t work if you start editing the item, so one can say the behavior is consistent.

You’re hiding the notes and the only way to make them show up is to start editing, which will turn the link into plain text.

Maybe you’ll find what @yyyguy is doing useful as well.

Hi @Erica,
No problem. Yes, I currently use the same approach of putting the URL on the first line of the notes. That’s generally fine, but I do also have notes with multiple URLs in them…so that’s when I noticed that the hyperlinks don’t hold. Guess I’m used to how links worked throughout notes in Workflowy and don’t mind using arrow keys to navigate in that case.

Yeah, that’s indeed the case, sorry about that.

Hopefully all this will be solved once we have WYISWYG :slight_smile:

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I would really like this too, and miss it from Workflowwy.
Same with all formatting to be honest. I don’t like Markup; having to mess around with typing loads of asterisks and underscores etc. It feels clumsy like I’m hacking the html