Display Images In Dynalist App (not browser tab)... Please

Hi there.

What happens after you click an image inside Dynalist, is far from ideal (to me at least.)

Currently, when an image is clicked in Dynalist…

…a new tab in your default web browser opens, and then displays… the image you just clicked.

Problem is, this behavior occurs EVEN IF, at the time of clicking that image, you’re not using Dynalist in… a web browser.


If you click an image in the ios, android, or desktop version of Dynalist, the image you just clicked is displayed in your browser—a completely different location than the place… you just clicked that image.

To make matters worse:

If—at the instant of clicking that image inside Dynalist—you intentionally have all web browsers closed, (lets say, because you want to say away from your browser so you can get-things-done)…

…well then, seeing your image open up in a web browser you just closed, makes it feel like evil little distraction gnomes have taken control of your computer and are trying to… distract you!

Know what I mean?

Feature Request.

Please make it so that —after clicking an image—the image displays in the same place as the click occurred.

Ideally, clicking an image shouldn’t be any different than clicking a Dynalist document link, or Dynalist tag: the linked contents are displayed in the same window as the link is located and link click occurs.

Any who. Just thought I should say this. I love all aspects of the app.


P.S.This would really help those who have the display images inline option checked.


I really would love that too !


Since I mostly use the desktop app, I’d love this as well.

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For me as well, this would really be a huge improvement.
Working exclusively in the desktop app, I’d like to “always stay there” (unless I’m following a link to an external website, of course)

From my understanding, I don’t think I should open a duplicate feature request, hence my answer here, but please tell me if I’m mistaken.