Direct keyboard shortcut for "search in all documents"

I rarely search within a document to navigate, because when I do the process is something like

  1. ctrl+f
  2. type in relevant keyword
  3. click on the result I want
  4. ctrl+] to zoom in on it
  5. ctrl+f again to get back to the search bar
  6. delete the stuff in the search bar
  7. tab to return to dynalist

It’s significantly easier to do

  1. ctrl+f
  2. type in search term
  3. ctrl+enter
  4. click on result I want

It would be easier still, though, if I didn’t need to go through within-document search to get to the global search, or if the within document search behaved differently to make it easier to use for navigation. Also I would prefer not to have to switch over the mouse to select a result. Are there good ways to do that?

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I don’t know if I understand correctly what you want to achieve, but in case you didn’t know - you can use ESC to end searching in any moment and your cursor will be in place where you put it before that action. And you don’t need mouse in any moment - ctrl-f, type what you want, tab to results, arrows to go to specific place, esc to remove search form and be back in normal view.

Thank you. I didn’t know about ESC to clear the search box.