Keyboard shortcut to go from search to search results

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or a feature request.

Currently, what I have to do to search for something and then go to edit the results is

  1. ctrl+f (cmd+f on mac),
  2. Type whatever I’m looking for
  3. With the mouse, click on where I want to go, zooming on the element if needed, and do what I want to do.

My problem is step 3. In particular, I cannot figure out if or how can I go directly from typing my search to editing nodes without using the mouse.

If I esc the search I lose the search results and go back to the previous view. If I tab nothing seems to happen. Actually, something does sometimes happen, but in a quite inconsistent manner. In particular, sometimes after pressing tab twice (sometimes three times) I do finally end up in a node (usually having the said node getting wrongly indented or unindented, even though I didn’t press shift at all). Some other times I can keep tabbing as much as I want, but the focus never goes to the nodes (but maybe it goes to the browser’s search bar).

Posts such as this would have me think that tabbing to go from search results to editing nodes should work, but maybe something changed since then?

I’ll add more details to reproduce if it turns out that this is not intended behaviour.

Maybe not a new shortcut, but just Down key.

Filing this as a bug is fine!

We’ll try to make both Tab and Down go to first search result when pressed inside the search bar. Thanks for filing this! :clap:


Is “Down” supposed to work now? For me, all it does it move the cursor to the end of the search box, not navigate to the search results.

(I have the same problem with Tab as Luca.)

Not yet, sorry about that!

We’ll update here when it’s fixed.

Update: you can now use Tab to go from the search bar to the first result! :slight_smile: