Different Date Format in Search Everywhere (Web)

Steps to reproduce

After changing date format in Settings to YYMMDD, the date format appears correctly in documents, but shows ddd, MMMM do, YYYY format in Search Everywhere on the web when searching by dates such as “within:52w”

Expected result

Same date YYMMDD format in Search Everwhere as in Settings.

Actual result

Dates in Search Everywhere still show shows ddd, MMMM do, YYYY format.


Happens on web using Windows 7 and Windows 10, latest OS updates as of 3/15/17, on Chrome 56.0.2924.87 and Firefox 52.0. Logged out, cleared cache, logged back in, problem persisted.

Additional information

This is a followup bug report from Date display format - #7 by Erica

Additional comments

Hi @rcavin,

Thanks for the report!

Interestingly, everything works fine on the latest desktop version but is broken on web as you said, there must be something new we released that broke this.

We’ll look into it, really sorry about that!

Update: should be fixed now, can you please verify? @rcavin

Hi Erica,
Date format on Search Everywhere works as expected, i.e. has the same format as specified in settings…on Windows 7 (web/Chrome), Windows 10 (web/Chrome), Android beta app, and iOS (Safari). Thanks!

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