Desktop App not scrolling when at end of screen

Steps to reproduce

I thought it was CSS bugs, but I took all custom CSS out, and it’s still here.

In a long sub-outline, go to top of document. Press Ctrl-End to get to bottom. That bottom line is at the bottom of the screen. Type something and press enter.

Expected result

Should scroll screen up so I can see the new line.

Actual result

It does not scroll any further. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t even after typing many lines. It’s inconsistent.


Windows Desktop app.
Display settings that might impact this:
Checked Items: Hide
Notes: 1st line
List Density: compact
Font size Large (Calibri light)
Show Word count: on

Additional information

Bingo: It’s that last item, Word Count that if I turn it off things are okay again.

I see - so it’s an issue with word count (status bar) that’s covering the last item?

seems so.

Ok got it, will fix!

I hit this issue today. Removing the word count (as Alan suggested) worked for me.