"Delete Checked Items" doesn't work from the topmost document item

[Edit: actually skip down to my last reply, it shows the bug better]

Expected: The checked items delete

Actual: Nothing happens. The function works from the menu of other items farther down the hierarchy. But it doesn’t work where shown, even when not searching.

Platform: Chrome

I’m confused because the function works at https://dynalist.io/demo/, but is bugged on my document.

I opened an incognito tab (no extensions), changed the document name to ASCII rather than an emoji, and the function still doesn’t work.

I made a new document in a non-incognito tab and the function works. The behavior seems isolated to my main document.

Ok this is curious:

I “copied” the document and the bug persists.

I "select all"ed the document, copy and pasted the whole thing to a new document, copy and pasted the document name as well. So, at this point, you’d expect identical documents. But the bug is gone. The “Deleted Checked Items” function works.

I renamed the old document “odd little bugged specimen”. It’s my pet.

Here I made a copy and replaced all the items with pokemon. Try it out. “Delete checked items” won’t work. But wheres the bug hiding? Spooooky.



Which document in the demo did you try this option on?


Is it possible that this option only works for non-direct children (i.e. grand and grand-grand children) items?

No, it affects all levels when I try it. Do you see the bug when you try it in the examples I linked?

Yeah, I see it the bug. Didn’t see any errors in the console either.

Does this bug only happen in this document? If you open a new document, does it happen?

It only affects that document. The bug remains even if you delete all items, and type new ones. It also remains when you copy the document.

It doesn’t happen if I make a new document. New documents are all bug-free. Even if I copy all the items from the bugged document over to a new one, it remains bug-free.

So, it’s as if the document is infected with an invisible bug. Perhaps it was always that way, like a birth defect. I actually never tried the feature until today.

Hmm, I think I might have figured it out.

The root item is checked off, although it doesn’t show as so. Click on the checkbox of the document root item, and try the “Delete checked items” option again.

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You’re right! Clicking the invisible checkmark fixes it. Neat. Thanks