Dedicated Taskbar icons for Dynalist

If you want a dedicated taskbar icon for dynalist, you can do this natively with chrome. Example, 2 dynalist homepages via chrome here:

how to get this to work

  1. Pick a dynalist url of interest
  2. Chrome → Settings → More Tools → Add to Desktop “OPEN AS WINDOW”
  3. Drag it over into your taskbar

Things you can do with this

I have my hotkeys using phrase-express with the following:

F1 → WIN+1 key
F2 → WIN+2 key
F3 → WIN+3 key
F4 → WIN+4 key

So i press the following buttons they min/max open the following areas:

If you want more buttons, you can use a macropad like I have here for different programs.



also if you want your own icons really quickly this is the easiest / portable way I’ve found

  1. use your favorite image editing program. Personally I use to change the colors, then screencap it with shareX and annotate
  2. Make the .png file
  3. Drag into

End result

After making icon, can use as favicon for chrome tab

after you make .ico file, you can also use it as a favicon in dynalist tab

  1. Download tab modifier for chrome extension
  2. Use uploader, upload .ico file
  3. Grab the URL, add that information to tab modifier

end result


Interesting but I have a problem. On one computer I have Windows 7 Home, and Google Chrome
Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit). The instructions above work.

On my other computer I have Windows 10, and Google Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit) - the SAME Chrome. But the instructions don’t work. “Add to Desktop…” is directly under the … menu not under More tools. Clicking on it brings up a dialog that does not have the Open As Window checkbox. I get the desktop icon, but that brings up a Google Chrome page, not a separate window.

Solution located!

from Google Product Forums
Hezekiah Domowski said:

I stumbled across a solution I hope this helps anyone here!
Go to Chrome://apps
And there are grayed out icons there for me. From there, you can fix it three different ways. Just clicking on it made it work for me. You can also right click and click open. You can also right click, delete it, and make a new one.

I think the underlying issue for me is that using the ‘add to desktop’ feature makes a new app. And resetting the settings disables all the apps. And for some reason, when one of these apps is disabled, all future apps to the same website are broken.

So although “Open as Window” did not show in the Chrome dialog, going to chrome://apps lets me right-click on the app I created and choose “Open as Window”.

Glad this worked out for you :slight_smile:

By the way, I actually don’t use a dedicated taskbar for dynalist anymore (but I do for other tools like airtable and codepen)

My favorite way to launch dynalist is pressing ALT+Q on my keyboard with phraseexpress. It pop opens a new dynalist tab for me

you can find my file here to read more

it works really well

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Thanks, @Vincent_Tang, you are certainly a PhraseExpress ninja. I’ll try this collection out.

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i learned a feature of chrome i never knew about, but maybe i did but never remembered

virtual desktops seems far better than this way

any good reasons to do it this way instead of virtual desktops?

Yes: I don’t use Virtual Desktops. I don’t want my DynaList on an unseen desktop.

I only use virtual machines if I have to do PHP development, otherwise I avoid virtual machines all together

  1. yea i dont know how anyone can survive without desktops (i’ve 11 up currently
  1. virutual desktops are different from ‘virutal machines’

I have 2 desktops, but none virtual. They are assigned to monitor 1 and monitor 2. Yes, I’ve had virtual desktops as an option since 1992, but I never liked them. Instead I just use the task bar or windows shortcuts to bring up whatever window I require. Typically I’ll have 2 visible at any time per screen.