Daily email summary of all new or changed lines

My favorite feature of Workflowy is that it sends me a daily summary of what’s changed in my Workflowy, i.e. sends me all new and changed lines in an email.

I would love to see Dynalist support this.

The reason I love this feature is that I use Workflowy (1) to figure out what tasks I need to get done, and (2) to let my assistant know what those tasks are. Every day, Workflowy automatically emails me any lines I add or change, which Gmail automatically forwards to my assistant. That way, my assistant is always apprised of any new tasks I’ve added list.


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Question to people who liked this:

Any idea which app is the origin of this feature?

Not sure if other GTD apps have this, is WorkFlowy the first one to do this?

Not saying it’s not useful, obviously it is. It doesn’t sound like a standard feature like version history though. Correct me if I’m wrong!


If you’re really asking about GTD apps then Nirvana does this (in account options you can choose on which days you want your daily plan to be sent to you), and I know about others too, but forgot the names. But those are apps specifically for time/project management, I never saw this in applications similar to WF/DL - but it’s definitely a nice feature.

I have no idea to be honest, I first saw it in workflowy

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For what it’s worth, I looked into trying to find other apps that do this, or even find a way to get Dropbox or Github to send me a daily list of changed lines… I didn’t get very far, though I’m sure it’s possible. But that’s why I eventually settled on Workflowy.

But Workflowy doesn’t support deadline dates like Dynalist does…

I see. Thanks for the information!

It got me curious why this feature is not very often seen in other productivity apps, given it has been proven useful to many. I guess many apps have an event log (like Dropbox) so they assume that if you don’t need a daily summary email.

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any update on this? @Erica

No, sorry!

We did add version history recently, if that’s of any value to you.

version history looks cool! that’ll do the job. thx.


Version history looks very interesting.

I like the daily e-mail summary idea as well. I use it on Workflowy with a filter in GMail to tag the incoming mails. That way if I search for something in GMail I automatically get all the Workflowy entries using the same keyword, even if they are completed.


I am a new Dynalist user and can say this feature is something I would love to see. I found it very useful as a Workflowy user.

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It’s like Git’s “diff” command.
It is very useful.

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Yeah, I understood it’s like the “diff” command that shows what’s new, but Git doesn’t send you daily emails of the “diff” output.

Sorry for the confusion, I was curious what are some other examples of services that send out emails like this.

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Our company has recently started working with Dynalist. We use it mainly for a ToDo/Backlog way, where we all add in items and assign them to each other.

It would be great to have a feature where updates or specific tags can have the changes emailed. So items with @name which have been added, and which have been ‘completed’, could be emailed daily/weekly.

Yes, that would indeed be great. Thanks for choosing Dynalist, by the way!

Just a notice that all the chances will be included, so content changes will be displayed in the email summary as well. I hope that’s not an issue!

Thanks Erica for the feedback.

Yes of course. All content changes should be displayed.

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I like version history but would love the emails.

To this day email searches surface those change log emails from the time I was using WorkFlowy, and it just makes for a very handy, more immediate way to find something back in time.

Any update about this?

That is really cool thing that Workflowy has. To me, personally, daily updates are too much, I’ll prefer to choose the pace I want: daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly.

Main use cases I see for that:

  1. Revise my own changes to be sure, there are no mistakes. Yes, I like to keep everything in perfect condition.
  2. Revise changes that were done by others in shared docs (or items, when will be implemented). I most likely that will be first time I notice any changes by other, because manual tracking of Version History is very unlikely.
  3. Be ready with all upcoming dates.

Hope this helps.
Ready to vote for this feature in Trello.

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Version history works well.
Would it be possible to create a notification bubble or format the text on lists that have changes, and let that formatting disappear once the user opens it?
This little act would inform the user changes were made, and if they are curious they can go to Version History to see the record.