Cyrillic alphabet (russian letters) renders with broken broken formatting - letters are spaced too wide

Steps to reproduce

type anything in Russian or just copy this “русский текст” to the desktop or browser version of Dynalist.

Expected result

Normal text

Actual result

w i d e t e x t


mac OS 10.11.6
dynalist 1.0.2

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like:

Please try the “System” option in Settings - Preferences - Font options - Font, thanks!

settings > preferances > font options > font

tried Roboto Font and System font - looks ok now.

Might be a good thing to suggest users with multiple languages installed on their systems to hand-pick font or just start with system font which should be a solid option.

We don’t want to ask each person if they use Russian though, might annoy them. Maybe we can do some detection – we’ll see.

Any further thoughts on this issue? System font renders OK, but Whitney is much nicer looking for en-US content. However, in this case you still have the double-wide display issue for Russian, which looks ugly. It doesn’t seem correct to mark this issue as “Resolved” overall.

Easy to repro by pasting any translation from Google, e.g.,

Hi Alex,

The “resolved” tag means it’s resolved for the OP, when OP no longer has complaints about the specific issue he/she posted about. Otherwise it’s easy to make a thread too long and send notifications to OP when he/she already has his/he issue resolved.

I created a new thread here to track that: Cyrillic alphabet too wide with default (Whitney) font

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well, I just quit Dynalist for the Workflowy back again due to it’s sync errors. I use 4 devices and frequently go offline with them, also while editing same parts of the same docs. Dynalyslt used to overwrite my lines all the time. It was awful to see.

and its ‘document’ slowness on the mobile

though the design is eye-candy. Lack of Cyrillic fonts is a major problem can be decided only with Google Fonts, time and affirmation that it cannot be decided until the Cyrillic-based text won’t dominate the world. It probably won’t.