Customize Search Option (Omit Folder From Global Search)

Hey guys!

I just moved over to Dynalist and love it. I currently keep a journal in Dynalist. It would be nice, that when searching, I can customize the search option, so it searches (when globally) everything except of a specific folder or document. I guess this could be put together with the implementation of pw protected documents/folders. What do you think?



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I’d say that search needs an overall expansion with, at the very least, wild-card symbols. Though real solution would be regular expressions support in the search line combined with additional filtering options in the search dialog itself.

Example of such implementation can be found in File Finder in JetBrains IDEs.

Sounds like this previous feature request: Option to exclude document from global search

Would appreciate it if we can put all discussions in one place! :slight_smile:

Does regex solve OP’s issue (excluding folders) though? I can’t see a way.

Also, not saying we won’t implement it, but it does make more sense for JetBrains to do it. JetBrain’s customers are all programmers, ours from general background.

@Erica You are correct, regular expressions won’t help much in excluding some folders from the search.

Still, it’s useful! Just lower priority.