Custom Javascript - pro freature

Over two years ago I brought up the idea of allowing for pro users to not only define custom CSS, but also custom Javascript. The idea is simple, just as I can add my own custom CSS which changes the appearance of Dynalist, I would like to add my own JavaScript to add new functionality to the Dynalist UI. While some tools like tampermonkey allow you to do this on the desktop, this is limited. This means your scripts don’t work in the mobile client, and for some of us in a corporate environment, we are not allowed to install browser extensions.

I realize that this can have the issue of security problems if not used properly, but again it would be up to the user to make the decision to include the JavaScript or not.

Giving us this feature would address the lack of any plugin support for Dynalist. Dynalist is such an amazing tool, with the core features we need. But there are many other features lacking, that the community could help build.

So while a plugin architecture is useful (I have written Trello plugins and they are great), the more raw approach to include JavaScript model is actually very powerful.

This would also I believe encourage upgrades if it was a pro feature.

How would I implement this? I would like that I can just do an include to a JavaScript that I host. That way I don’t have to copy and paste code into Dynalist and its easier to edit and maintain outside of Dynalist.

I currently do this with the css pro feature like this:

@import url(“”);

Thank you for considering this request. I apologize to bring it up, but after two+ years, I am eager for a solution to this problem.

It seems other outliners are adding plugin support, even though there are security risks if the user is not aware of what they are doing:

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Whoah! That is genius. Now I can host my CSS on github!

+1 to be able to do the same with javascript. This would really make Dynalist frigging amazeballz.


We just need to get more people on board :-). Plugin API or accessibility solves a lot of problems we see on these forums.


Would love to see this.