Custom CSS - pro user feature

A feature idea - allow a pro user to have custom CSS (defined in settings) that is applied to the dynalist.
The problem is that mobile devices don’t super userstyle not do some corporate environments allow browser extensions.

However the ability to use custom CSS solves a number of interesting problems for those who want to customize and finess the UI.


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Thanks Chris!

This is an existing feature request which we plan to add in the near future. Thanks for bringing this up!

@Erica some how connected to this would be the ability to add custom javascript. I realize this might be a security issue. But I have been playing with PowerPack and its very cool the ability to add your own functionality on top of DynaList. Though custom CSS will be a big help!

This is connected with another idea that an eventual API would allow for an extensibility framework on top of dynalist. Like Trello Powerups: or

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We are considering making an environment and ecosystem for plugins.

Security issue is a big one, yes. Like user styles though, they can be peer reviewed or at least reviewed by us to make sure your passwords and data are not stolen and sent to the plugin maker’s website.