Custom CSS Offline on iOS Device not working

Steps to reproduce

Using the customization CSS feature for pro users, I have defined custom CSS. The custom CSS works fine in all clients (Browser, desktop, and mobile).

Expected result

I expect the custom CSS to be available offline in iOS (as it seems to do in the windows desktop version).

Actual result

When offline, the custom CSS is not applied to outlines, defaulting back to the default CSS styling.


iOS 11

Additional information

While this may seem subtle and not crucial, the Mobile applications slowly become more crucial to my daily work and good working parity between all environments is crucial.

I also want to mention I have been experimenting with the @import url command and it works well, except it doesn’t work offline in any client. I was hoping the clients might cache the remote CSS, it doesn’t. I can live without this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


Thanks for catching this, we’ll definitely fix it.

Quick question: when you go back online, does the CSS gets applied automatically?

I just tested it (in a very casual, unscientific way) and it seems that it doesn’t unless I hit refresh.

It could be it might refresh with a later interval, but in the context of a minute or two, no.

Hope that helps.

Also, please think about my @import url question. I doubt it can be cached, but it would be nice for full CSS suppport.

Sorry, I wasn’t entirely sure what the @import question was about.

Did you mean you want to import resources like custom fonts?

@Erica thanks for following uip. I am referring to the CSS command @import url. I use it like this:

In the custom CSS field (for pro users), I add to the top:
@import url(“”);

this allows me to edit a css file remotely, that is shared between all my devices and prototype my CSS. When the CSS is solid, I can then copy it into the field in dyanlist.

It seems the default behavior is not cache external CSS references, which would make sense. However, I mention it because if it did, it would provide a better way for developing CSS and maintaining it in dynalist.

But I am not getting my hopes up :slight_smile:

The face is @import url works if you have am internet connection, and that is the most important to me.