Custom CSS - list of unicode values for the available icons?

I’m interested in the creation of custom css code provided by the Pro tier, and I’m currently playing with Stylish to see what could be done. One of the things I’d love to change are the icons used through the app. From the .css, it looks like the icons pack comes from IcoMoon, but the unicode values do not match those of the icons on their website. I’m not sure how to see which unicode values are actually used and what they refer to, except for trial and error. Is there a better way to do it?

Here are all the packaged icons right now:

You might not find what you need though, as we only package what we need to minimize the icon font size.

Let me know which one you’re interested in and I can send you the unicode.

Hi Erica,
Thanks for the list, it’s super useful! I have been able to find most icons in the app itself, but not the carets (third row from the top, second column; fourth row from the top, second to last row). I’d love to try and replace the triangles with them to expand/collapse folders. I cannot see the bottom-facing one in this list but I might be able to leverage writing-mode to rotate one of the available two.

Left caret is e926 and right caret is e94a.

If writing-mode doesn’t work, you can try transform:rotate(0.25turn) and see if that works for you :slight_smile:

It worked like a charm! Using :not(.is-collapsed) to only apply writing-mode: vertical-lr; to the expanded state did the trick :slight_smile:

Pretty pleased with how the side panel looks like!

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Looks slick! Mind sharing the CSS in the Showcase & Share sub-forum when you’re done with it? :drooling_face:

Absolutely! I’ll definitely do that :smiley:

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@Erica just created a new topic to showcase the final version!

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