Cursor jumps up on Android

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new list (optional)
  2. Add item “Test”
  3. Hit enter two times

Here is video how it works

Expected result

New item is added BELOW the previous item

Actual result

New item is added ABOVE the previous item


Android 7, Dynalist 1.4.10

Additional information

My application settings. Please note when the list ends with [a-z] it adds new item above the previous item, but what I figured out if the list ends with any other character (at least [0-9.;]) it adds new new item properly - below the previous item

Additional comments

Your application is just beautiful, guys! Thank you so much, really!

One more vid, on related “actual result” :slight_smile:

Hey guys, do you have plans to fix this? It seems as “blocker”

Hmm which keyboard are you using? And it sounds like you’re on an older device?

Last I’ve seen this bug, it was caused by GBoard behaving very weirdly - I’ve made a workaround specifically for GBoard but I’m not sure why it’s not working for you.

Hey, sorry - I didn’t see notification on email and thanks for the reply, Shida! I use GBoard keyboard and Android 7 (Honor 8).

I’ve just tested - using AOSP (Android Keyboard) there is no bug. Is there a way I can turn off the workaround and report if it helps or not here?

Ah I see. Is there any chance you get upgrade to a more recent version of Android? I believe this has been fixed a while ago but it might be OS dependent.

Unfortunately nope, this is the last version of Android released by Honor developers :slight_smile:

Hey, just writing in to let you know that given I cannot reproduce it on my device (Android 10), and that this is highly likely due to the older Android version, I don’t think we will be able to put much effort to resolve this. Sorry about that. One thing I may suggest is to try and update the “Android Webview” app that’s on your phone.

Understandable. But thanks for the efforts

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