Cursor doesn't display in the middle of two 'f's on Chrome

Steps to reproduce

In Dynalist in Chrome, type any word with the letter ‘f’ repeated, such as ‘staff’. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor left and right through the word.

Expected result

The cursor moves one letter left or right each time.

Actual result

When the cursor gets to ‘ff’, its flashing icon skips from right before to right after the ‘ff’. It never appears in the middle, even though it is actually there (IE, if you start typing, the letters appear in the correct place.)

If you have ‘ffffffffffffffffffff’ or similar, the cursor icon will skip forward two 'f’s, then do nothing, then skip forward to 'f’s, etc as you keep hitting the same arrow key.


Chrome. Appears on both Ubuntu and Windows 10.

Additional information

Additional comments


Truly bizarre; can confirm on OS X too (with Chrome).


Hi @Mark_Eichenlaub, thanks for the bug report! I can confirm it too.

Looks like it’s an issue with font kerning, and if you switch to another font in Settings - Preferences - Font options - Font, the problem should go away for now.

We’ll fix it for the default font (“Whitney”) asap.

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The issue is coming again! I’m using default font.

I was able to repro, the bug seems to only happen for Whitney (default) and Calibri font options.

This bug has been tracked and we will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know.

For the meantime unfortunately another font needs to be used as a workaround. Any font that’s not Whitney nor Calibri should be fine (Calibri Light is fine too).

Sorry about this!

Just to update on this, it seems to be a bug with Chrome and there’s nothing we can do.


Also see for a demo that also doesn’t work

But then why does it also appear in the Windows app?

It uses the same Chromium core to display stuff. Some fonts are fine because they don’t use ligatures, presumably.

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