CTRL + ` to automatically make an item a code statement

this would be really nice to have

Like whenever you bold an item, you press CTRL+B , type the word, CTRL+B.

Or highlight the word and press CTRL+B

I would really like this for the `code snippets` as well, by pressing CTRL+`

Ctrl+` already does this for me. Is it not the case for you?

oh it does didn’t realize that, had a shortcut key overriding it

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It doesn’t seem to work for me on a mac.
Tried all of the following

  • Ctrl + `
  • Ctrl + ’
  • Cmd + ’

(Cmd + ` is used by the OS for switching windows within the current app on mac…)

Yeah, that must be the reason. The shortcut is intercepted by the system.

You can customize it in Settings - Keymap though.