Create new item by voice input

When I said “newline”(in Japanese “改行”) while voice input, dynalist shouldn’t start a new line but create new item, in terms of rule of least surprise.

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Random question: how does invoice input handle it when you actually want to type in the words “new line”? :thinking:

If you want to type “new line” using iOS voice input, say “new” and then say “line”.
Or use 3rd party’s keyboard such as G board(Google keyboard).

In the first place, it is not confined to matters of Dynalist.
I think “how to insert newline if this future is enabled” is really matters for Dynalist.

However, it is more natural for Dynalist to create new item than insert newline when saying “newline” because “newline” don’t means “option+enter” but means “enter” for iOS voice input.
“Option+enter” should be covered by setting or something, I think.

I strongly want this future,
for using dynalist more usefully.

I see.

It’s not that we have decided against it. It’s just that Dynalist only listens for keyboard change events, and voice input doesn’t trigger that event and thus doesn’t create a new item.

We’ll see how we can add this to Dynalist. Thanks for your suggestion!

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