"Copy to my Dynalist" document name sync

Steps to reproduce

In a web-browser, click on “Copy to my Dynalist” to copy a shared Dynalist document to your account.

Expected result

The new document should appear (at the bottom) of my file list with the correct (original) name and should immediately be synced to other Dynalist instances (apps, webbrowser).

Actual result

The tab, which originally opened the new (copied) file shows the actual file name. But all other running dynalist tabs and apps show this new file but with the name “Untitled”.

The browser tabs continue to display “Untitled” until the tab is refreshed (F5). Then, they display the correct Document name.

But the android and linux apps both continue to display “Untitled” even after restart and toggling of “Refresh”.


The only way to sync the name across all instances is to edit the document name in any of the instances. Then it syncs perfectly to all of them.

Unfortunately, if you edit the document name in one of the standalone apps from “Untitled” you loose the original name.

So, the workaround is to import a document via the “Save to my Dynalist” button and immediately afterwards change the document name, save it, and change it back to original.


I confirmed this on Ubuntu with Chrome and Firefox. The standalone apps were linux (Ubuntu) and android.

Additional comments

It seems that Dynalist first creates a document with name “Untitled”, then copies the content, and then changes the name.

For me, this is a very low-priority bug. I’m not importing shared documents to my Dynalist on a regular basis. And there is the workaround in case I need to save an important document to my Dynalist.